Lit Medicine cabinet

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Lit Medicine cabinet

Lit Medicine cabinet
Lit Medicine cabinet

Lit Medicine cabinet, LED mirrored cabinet, LED medicine cabinet, bathroom medicine cabinet, Lighted mirrored cabinet, Lit cabinet.

Features –

1. Environmental silver mirror, high definition, distort free, with finger-print proof frosted panels, without copper/lead, anti-corrosion. Double side mirrors.

2. With safety backing at the mirror back to make it shatter-proof.

3. Easy installation system.

4. Aluminum cabinet frame, anti-corrosion.

5. Adjustable tempered glass shelves.

6. Everywhere on the product is clean

Electrical Parts: all are UL-listed or CE certified, and all are high safety standards.

Lighting: flexible LED strip, 50000 hours life span, 10W/m to 22W/m for option. High lumen output. Meet JA8 standards, and Title 24 requirements.

Product size: W24” x H36” ,  and customized sizes

Optional functions: Anti-fog(fog-free, defogger), clock, dimming(touch switch or wall dimmer), Bluetooth speaker, shaver socket, light color changeable

touch switch for bathroom lighted LED mirror
touch switch for bathroom lighted mirror, for on/off, dimming, defogger, light color changing

Each bathroom LED mirror is of great high quality, zero complaints are our goal.

Also, we can help clients ship your lighted mirrors from our factory to your door.

We are the best high-quality lighted mirror vendor in China you can trust.

Because we will ensure each lighted mirror is in great quality condition before we pack it.

Each lighted mirrored cabinet will be tested and inspected carefully, you won’t receive any bad-quality lighted mirrored cabinets.

Trust us, we are the best vendor of lit mirrored cabinets in China. Because our quality is high, lead time is good, prices are reasonable.


Lit Medicine Cabinet

Lit Medicine Cabinet

Lit Medicine cabinet